These are true XL to XXL.  These are here for all the players telling us they cant fit into our Turtle Caps.  Made in the USA. We do small runs of these, so styles will change as we go.

This is the 2013 Turtle Cap.  There are a few improvements on the 2013 Turtle Cap. The venting has been improved and the cap has more of a streamline look.  Turtle Caps are our flagship product.  These babies are coveted by Reffs around the world! More sizes and colors to come.  We hear you!

Color and size

Armor Plated Headbands.These have always been hard to keep in stock since 2004.   One cool feature is the pocket for a removable padded insert for protection. All Armor Plated Headbands come with a pad. These are 42 inches in length and 4 inches high.  Some styles very limited. Made in the USA.


5Heads have padded inserts the same thickness as our Turtle Caps.  They are made of stretchable absorbant terricloth.  One size fits all.  5head headbands provide forehead and temple protection.   


In 2003, our TurtleCaps debuted on NPPL refs in Huntington Beach. In keeping with that tradition, our Mullet hit the field and debuted on the heads of Dan Perez and the Maylasia Paintball Ruling Body in August, 2008.

Our "MULLET" provides players our famous HM protection in a two-stage foam insert. The MULLET buisness crown provides protection for the top of the head. Unlike any other soft headgear, the MULLET Party Flap wraps forward for ear coverage as well as protection for the neck from heat and paintballs.   
  • 2-stage foam Business Insert
  • Neck protection/sun protection
  • Elastic headband (no ties or knots)
  • Provides total head coverage when used with our ARMOR PLATED headbands

Large Mullet colors
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